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4 Pix Word Quiz

4 Pix Word Quiz

Challenge your brain with vocabulary quizzes in the 4 Pix Word Quiz. A game that combines images and words allows players to think and reason to come up with the correct answer. Conquer levels and prove your ultimate puzzle-solving skills!

How to play

In this game, your objective is to identify the word using the four provided images. Under the images, you can see two columns of mixed-case letters with a letterbox atop them. Select the letters in the right sequence when you make a guess. If your guess is right, you'll finish the level and advance to the next one. Then you'll have to come up with a fresh forecast. If you need additional clues, simply click the question mark next to the letters. You can find one letter of the word for a price. Pressing the arrow button will take you to the next level, and you can skip this one if you'd rather not solve it. Take on a new challenge at each of the ten levels. Counting words, how many are there?


  • Vibrant, two-dimensional visuals
  • Simple to use
  • Exciting and difficult gameplay
  • Plenty of new vocabulary to explore

If you're looking for a different challenge, you can try OMG Word Pop. Have fun!

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