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Bubble Pet Saga

Bubble Pet Saga

One of the best puzzle video games is Bubble Pet Saga. We have to play one of our favorite puzzle games on our phones, which is this one. To begin having fun, simply click on the large play button. See who can complete this challenging Saga with the highest score by playing alone or with friends.

How to play

In this soothing charming adventure game, aim, match, and crush all the pets. Assist the tiny pets in making matches of three or more to raise their score and finish the levels. You must aim and shoot, drop and burst all small pets. With this unique puzzle, you may exercise your brain while shooting balls. 25 levels must be completed, then beat the records.


  • By assembling groups of three or more of the same sort, you can eliminate as many animal bubbles as you can.
  • The game adds a new row of animal bubbles every few seconds.
  • Rows are added more quickly as you advance in level.
  • For as long as you can, keep shooting animals and eliminating groupings.
  • The game is done if the stack of animals touches the line at the bottom of the screen.
  • Every group of animals you get rid of earns you points. Your score increases as you pop more animal bubbles.
  • Send a bubble of an animal at the stack. The bubble you fired must create a group of three or more bubbles of the same type in order to clear.


If you have the ability to shoot a bubble anyplace it might form a line, attempt to aim it away from the other bubbles.

Don't aim too far to the sides. It might happen.


To aim and shoot, use a mouse or a touch screen

How To Play Bubble Pet Saga

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