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Fast Four Word

Fast Four Word

The game of Fast Four Word is ingenious. It's a game similar to Wordle in which you are given a four-letter word and then must create a new word by altering the first letter. The main difference is that instead of trying to predict a single 4-letter word, players are given 44 seconds to guess as many 4-letter words as they can.

How to play

Once the game has loaded, a timer will begin ticking down from 44 seconds. By regularly swapping out one letter from the current active word to generate a new active word, players attempt to form the longest chain of legal four-letter words possible before time runs out. The letter you want to modify must not be in the same place as the highlighted letter in the active word. If you find yourself stuck and need to alter the letter at the limited location, you may unhighlight it by clicking the highlighted letter of the active word, however doing so will add 4 seconds to your clock. An additional amount of time is added to the clock whenever a letter that has not yet been highlighted is selected for the first time.

For example, if the first letter of the opening word is AHEM, as it was the day before, you may replace it with THEM. Each day, a brand new possible initial WORD will be made available.


  • There are no two-letter terms allowed in this game.
  • Playing time is limited, making this a great way to get a rapid brain and finger exercise.
  • Keeping tabs on your session data (played, streak, and scoring averages) and daily score is a must.
  • Don't be shy about posting your daily totals.
  • Keep tabs on your vocabulary (all of the terms you've produced) throughout different playthroughs.
  • The [Enter] key can be mapped to either side of the keyboard.
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