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Hamster Island

Hamster Island

Hamster Island is a fantastic 3D game with adorable hamsters. You could expand the island by purchasing new places and enhancements. With your hamster, create your own island!

- In each level, there are many lovely floating islands to conquer: a green pine forest, a mushroom forest in Thailand, a Korean island, a frightening pirate island, a lonely stone island, an ancient European palace island, a fairy tale peach island…

- For hamsters, you can construct structures such as fields, cafés, and restaurants. This community is looking for new hamsters. Take care of and play with some of the cutest hamsters you've ever seen, dressed in the loveliest accessories imaginable. Create beautiful hamster cages in a variety of styles, such as an entertainment center, a retail mall, a warehouse, the main home, mushroom cages, stone and wood cages, and so on. Hamster fairies assist the King of Hamster in spreading magic and ensuring the Kingdom of Fairy Lands' survival.



  •  Simply tap the screen every 30 seconds to feed and care for the hamster baby, then rest for 20 seconds.
  •  During your free time, you can create animal houses, summon fruit hamter fairies and music fairies, grow and harvest the beanstalk, unlock magical hamster toys, upgrade Jo Jo and hamter fairies, and much more.
  •  Explore the beauty of the next floating islands and create your own hamster paradise, complete with names for your hamsters and the ability to share with friends.
  •  To gain free gems, play simple mini games like lucky wheel and hamster race.
  •  Prestige: Increase your building power and access more planets by gaining prestige.
  •  Compete against your pals on the leaderboard.



- Fans of fairy tale scenes and hamster anime.

- Adorable game for animal lovers.

- Games for small children - Can even be a lazy game

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