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You can gauge this online math game's level of difficulty if you've played the mathematical Mathler wordle. Playing Mathler on the web is a breeze. Mathematical operations of varying degrees of difficulty must be solved in as few or as many tries as the player chooses. We're confident that you'll enjoy the mind games offered by mathler.

How to play 

The accessibility and versatility of Mathler's three gameplay modes have contributed to the game's meteoric rise in popularity. Different levels of difficulty are available, including Easy Mathler (5 squares and 1 operator), Mathler (6 squares and up to 2 operators), and Hard Mathler (8 squares and up to 3 operators).

Discover the secret number formula by making guesses of varying degrees of difficulty. As you make guesses, the colors will update to reflect your level of accuracy.

It starts with the correct placement of the first 5 and /.

The answer includes a second 5 that can be found elsewhere.

There are no 0s, -2s, or 2s in the answer.

Any and all numbers and operators are permitted.

Division by / or multiplication by * precedes addition or subtraction by - or plus (order of operations).

The Rule

Any combination that can be written as 20+7+3 or 3+7+20 is valid.

The game encourages players to challenge their friends by allowing them to post their progress on social media while also providing a colorful visual representation of the player's attempt sequence without revealing the actual numbers. You can play infinite mathler all days.

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