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Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures

Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures

Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures - This is a wonderful solitaire card game to play. Level up adventures by mastering hundreds of challenging levels! - Find out about the crazy card game.

Mr Bean is trying to take a selfie from London's Tower Bridge. He jumps over a bridge and collides with a ship in an attempt to find the optimal angle! He finds himself in New York when he opens his eyes and his solitary adventure begins. In our new solitaire card game, take him on a trip around the USA and experience the feel of cities like New york, Honolulu, San Francisco, New Orleans and more.



To arrange your cards in the correct order, either ascending or descending, tap or click. You can match a 3 of clubs with a 2 of any suit or a 4 of any suit if you have one.



- Have fun with this line card game.

- Unlock new adventures by completing hundreds of difficulty levels!

- BLAST your way through the stages by discovering quirky card game principles!

- Collect stars to unlock incredible prizes!

- Sync your games between your phone and tablet easily!

- Simple and fun to play, but hard to master!


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