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NoNoSparks Genesis

NoNoSparks Genesis

NoNoSparks Genesis - Enjoy classic picross puzzles in a contemporary context! Meet a brand-new brainteaser and try your hardest to answer the most difficult Nonograms to aid Dr. Dog.

Be a part of the beginning! The game's purpose is to gradually build a complete world, replete with vegetation, wildlife, humans, and even dinosaurs, by solving logical problems based on nonograms. The novel reward mechanism, along with the tried-and-true, addicting puzzle action, creates a flow that keeps you coming back for more.



This game can be played fully with the mouse; however, you can toggle between placing a block and placing an empty mark by pressing and holding the space key.



  •  You now have the legendary Brainteaser in your pocket!
  •  Discover how to create beautiful pixel-art images.
  •  Full Version of the game!
  •  Lots of levels!

Riddles and nonograms will come to mind as you play this classic brainteaser game! The most difficult logic puzzles ever are now available everywhere. Think wisely and you will succeed. Find a way to create beautiful pictures with your own imagination and reasoning.

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