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Play Phoodle now, the newest and challenging online puzzle game. With the task you have to quickly guess the five-letter hidden word in six guesses. Try out the latest challenge now! Using only six possible guesses, you must find the five-letter concealed word.

Phoodle is a new twist on Wordle, a popular online game. Just as with Wordle, users can guess any word that has at least 5 letters, as long as it's a five-letter term that refers to food. In other words, it might be anything from an ingredient to a cooking process to a celebrity chef. As a daily challenge for chefs and those who enjoy the culinary arts, we think this is a fantastic game.


When you initially open the phoodle app, you are required to enter a 5-letter food-related word. Give a word six guesses. Every time you guess, the word will have a letter highlighted in one of two colors: green, which indicates that the letter is correctly positioned in the word, or yellow (indicating that the letter is in the word but in the wrong place). If you get it right enough, post your results.

It's a fun way for players to share their discoveries on social media, and it adds to the interest and intrigue of detecting the hidden doodle in an image. and a contest to see who can guess the previous word the fastest.


You get six chances to predict a new mystery cuisine each day in the Phoodle game. A five-letter food-related phrase must be used correctly for each guess. Enter is the key for submitting. As you get closer to the word, the color of the tiles will change to reflect your progress. And there's a new term every day!


To begin the game, you must enter a valid five-letter word connected to food into the app.

Phoodle is a free-to-play game for foodies that can only be played once a day per user account. Play it to take the challenge now

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