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Advertisement is a thrilling multiplayer take on the classic game. Race against the clock in this updated competitive game. In Snake game, you and your buddies compete to see who can grow your worm the longest.

How to play

Classic arcade The has been improved for use in special online live events. In, you play as a small worm and must consume other smaller worms to grow in size. And lengthen as you consume the orbs strewn about the planet, vying for positions with other players trying to do the same while avoiding collisions. How long can you last as you wriggle your way across fields of food and compete with other players' scores? Is the chance to become the world's longest worm motivating you to improve your skills?


  • Direct your worm's movement with the mouse cursor.
  • Eat the spheres to get taller
  • If you collide with another player, you both lose.
  • As soon as you collide with some other player, they are instantly destroyed and turned into harmless, edible orbs.
  • You can get a temporary speed boost by clicking and holding the left mouse button.

Key Feature

- Eat as you slither through a field of food to expand your length in this io game variation of the classic Snake - Start a new game of Snake and see if you can beat your previous score.

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