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Stack Colors

Stack Colors

In Stack Colors, you slide coloured blocks to gather them.  In order to add the correct colour block to your stack, move left and right while doing so. Your stack is lowered by one if the incorrect colour is touched. For a significant reward multiplier, stack as many colours as you can and forcefully kick them across the finish line. Enjoin!

How to play

Each level will feature a different scene and a different character with a different colour. You will be controlling a rubber man. For the right colour, align your character by swiping from left to right. The only blocks you can move are those of the same colour as the ones you're holding. You must stack the same-coloured templates in the appropriate order to match the colour of the little man in this very entertaining and fascinating game. The stacking is self-sufficient; all you need to do is touch the template. When you step on the incorrect colour, you lose blocks, and your temperature increases.


  • Vibrant 3D images
  • Increase in skill
  • Testing for quickness
  • Enjoyable and compelling

Collect objects of a specific color and to get as many of them as you can to the finish line! Can you make it?

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