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Wood Block Puzzle

Wood Block Puzzle

The puzzle game Wood Block Puzzle is really engaging. There is a wide range of sizes and forms available for the blocks. You may make a line by dragging and dropping the wooden blocks. A queue can be built and then it will vanish, making room for more blocks. Clear the board of blocks by filling in all of the empty spaces in a row or column. Have fun!

How to play

Every turn, you'll be given three wooden blocks to work with in this puzzle game. Get them out of the tray and onto the table. The number of squares used to assemble each block ranges from one to nine, and the blocks themselves can be any form or size. Place them in the play area so that they form orderly rows and columns. Make the right choices and you'll rack up the points.

As the board fills up with blocks, it will become increasingly difficult to insert new ones. Having complete rows and columns can help with this. When a line or row is completely filled, the blocks vanish and you receive a score. Since the board will clear out to make room for fresh blocks after any horizontal or vertical line of ten is completed. To win, you need to clear multiple lines at once.


  • Colourful, two-dimensional images.
  • Interesting progressions.
  • Active gameplay with simple controls.
  • Be sure to check out woodoku if you're looking for a game with similar mechanics.
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