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Woodoku is a soothing puzzle game where players fill the board with wooden pieces of different forms by placing them horizontally or vertically. It's worth thinking about if the remaining space may be used for additional content in the future. You may select from three distinct modes. Playing Woodoku will put your brain to the test. Please enjoy yourselves.

How to play

Woodoku, created by Tripledot Studios Ltd, is a quick test of your wits that can be completed in a matter of minutes. To score points, the player must click on the wooden blocks and try to create a line from them. But, setting a new high score may be difficult and calls for a lot of strategy. There are no time limits or other restrictions in the original mode. Place all the bricks as quickly as you can in timed mode to fill the bar at the bottom of the screen and score points. When the progress meter is full, some blocks will vanish and you'll receive bonus points. There will be no hope of winning if there is nowhere to put them. You may keep playing by dropping bombs on the tiles in bomb mode. The rules and background details for this activity may be found below.


  • Exciting visuals and enjoyable audio.
  • A game where you can actually feel like you're touching wood tiles.
  • A stress-free, time-unlimited session of wooden block building fun.
  • Wooden puzzle that won't weigh you down or take up much room.

Slide to play.

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