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Are you a person who loves challenges and plays chess? Based on the well-known word game wordle, Chessle is a chess-themed wordle. It's different from Wordle, but if you enjoy chess, we think you'll enjoy this online game! In this game, you must solve a strange open chess sequence.

How to play

It's a simple game. In Wordle chess, you get six chances to correctly identify a chess sequence. After completing the day's games in Chessle Wordle, players are unable to start a new game. If you'd want to learn how to play an endless game of chessdle, keep reading. Chessle gives you the chance to post your solution to this enigmatic sequence once you've figured it out.

Chess rules

  • To play, all you have to do is enter via one of the many available openings and take in the vibrant colors. It is possible to play in two different modes: standard (3 moves on each side) or expert (5 moves per side). Every day at 12 a.m. PST, a new Chessle is generated, giving you six chances to guess correctly.
  • Nf3 is shown in green since it was played on that particular move (White on move 2).
  • A yellow d4 indicates that either white or black played d4, but not at this exact location (White on move 1).
  • White or black did not play d5 in this position.
  • Treat the moves in the text exactly as they appear. Ne5 and Nxe5 are not the same!
  • You are allowed six guesses.

Fans of chess will like this online game, which was designed with you in mind. If you play it, you'll understand why it's become so popular in such a short period of time. 

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