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In the same vein as Wordle, but with its own special twist, we present to you Dordle. The game is more challenging than the Wordle version since players must use two boards to predict at once. Come play Dordle with us, and we'll show you the newest additions to this interesting game.

How to play

The rules for playing Dordle are quite similar to those of Wordle. Free Dordle and Daily Dordle are the game's two modes. It's the same deal in both daily mode and free play. Every player in daily mode starts with the same word at the start of the day. The problems in the free-to-play version are generated at random and presented to you on a constant basis.

Both forms of play adhere to the same set of rules. It's a lot like Wordle, except that you have to predict two words at once. There are 7 options for each of these words. The letter is present in the word, but the yellow square places it in a different spot. If a letter has a green tile next to it, it belongs in its correct location.

Tips & Tricks for player

As we've already established, the key to winning in Dordle lies in your ability to merge two Wordle grids into one. The single-word grid in Wordle is challenging; how much more so is Dordle?

When playing Dordle, you'll notice that it makes use of various clever systems to aid in guessing the game, such as the way in which color suggestions are displayed on the virtual keyboard to show you where you stand in each grid.

Read our in-depth essay on the subject that is linked below to learn more about the proper use of letters and words in Dordle.

The Rules

Can you please explain how Dordle works?

Two clue words must be deciphered using your six guessed letters. Solving the puzzle will be much simpler if you pay attention to the color patterns on the letters and the keyboard.

Coding by color:

  • The intended word does not contain that particular letter
  • That letter is there, but it's in the wrong place in the word.
  • The letter appears in its proper context within the word.
  • You need to correctly guess both words to win. (everything is green)
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