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Guess Word

Guess Word

Playing Guess Word is a fun way to see how well you and your friends know one other. In this game, you'll get the chance to predict a random word six times. After each guess, you'll be told whether or not the letters you chose appear in the target word and whether or not they're in the right order. Check your stats and see how you stack up against your peers.

How to play

Try to guess the five-letter word in a maximum of six tries. If a letter is in the correct location, the background will turn green. The letters in your guess will change color as hints. A letter that is correct but in the wrong spot is highlighted in yellow. You have access to an unlimited number of games every day.

The closer you got to the correct word, the more the letters change color after each guess.

  • This letter is absent from the word grey.
  • In the word orange, this letter is present, yet it belongs to a different word entirely.
  • If the letter is green, it means it's an acceptable response.

Key Features

Words ranging in length from four to six syllables (29,500 in all) are already programmed and ready to play in HD (1280768 and 7681024)


Make use of your computer's keyboard or the on-screen controls on your mobile device.
Just click "Download" to start playing immediately.

Use your computer keyboard, or press the on-screen buttons on your mobile device.

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