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Hertl is a game similar to Wordle, except the objective is to correctly identify an NHL player from a database within 8 tries. On Hertl's NHL Wordle's single grid, you'll need to put all your energy into identifying a specific player as quickly as possible.

How to play

As you make guesses, you will gain clues that will bring you closer to identifying the hidden player. As you make guesses, the tiles will change color to reflect how close you were to the actual player. A green cell in a column indicates a successful search. Conference is correct in the yellow column, but division is incorrect. If the player's position, age, or country is within 2 (inches, years, or numbers), then that column will be highlighted in yellow. When the day's game is over, Hertl doesn't let you start a new one. If you keep reading, we'll tell you all about the ins and outs of playing infinite hertle. This puzzle game's daily solutions provide helpful hints. The operative phrase here is "fun!"

Hertl rules

The Hertl game is the only one that gives you eight chances to become a legendary hockey player in the NHL. Each time you try to write your player, it will give you hints and advice. 

  • You have eight chances to get it right; pick any active NHL player. 
  • If one or more columns are colored green, it means there is a match. 
  • If any column is colored red, it means there is no match. 
  • Almost every player in the NHL database is included for your convenience. 
  • A different unnamed performer every day! 
  • This wordle shows the silhouettes of hockey players to make the game more interesting.
  • Hertl NHL Wordle will only return results for active NHL players. Every day, a new unknown participant enters the fray. Be transparent with your data.

Tips and Tricks

Try to identify today's hidden player. By adhering to these guidelines, you should have an easier time predicting today's Hertl player. Keep in mind that you have 8 tries, and if you still don't get it, you can always switch to anonymous mode and play an unlimited number of Hertl games.

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