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Inversion 2048

Inversion 2048

You'll have a blast messing about with numbers in Inversion 2048. As you go through the game and earn points by combining blocks, you'll be able to spend those points on new block skins in the in-game store. Use the start button and dive right into the action if you're ready to rack up the points.

How to play

Getting to that target is the goal of this exercise. You can switch between two gameplay modes in this game. The goal of playing in infinite mode is to rack up as many points as possible. In the second, progressive mode, the goal is to have a total of at least 1024 grayscale and monochrome gradations. Blocks of varying values drop down from the top in each mode. The padlocks can be adjusted with the directional keys. Each time you line up two identical blocks next to each other, they'll merge into one larger block. Drop the block by using the down arrow key once you're satisfied with its location. You can let time pass, and the obstruction will move on its own. You lose if your tower of blocks reaches the top line. Do you think you can handle this?


  • Greyscale 2D images
  • Two play styles are available
  • Reward points can be used to acquire new skins
  • Handling that's a breeze
  • Video game addiction
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