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Match Tile 3D

Match Tile 3D

A simple to pick up and enjoyable to play brainteaser is Match Tile 3D. You will adore this game if you have a good memory and enjoy riddles, strategies, and brain-training exercises. To solve this difficult puzzle, you must locate and match 3 identical tiles. It's simple to start, but as you go, the stages become much more difficult.

How to play

Simply tap the box to insert the 3D tiles within. Three identical tiles will be gathered. Gather every tile as quickly as you can. You succeed when all tiles are collected. You lose when there are 7 tiles on the boxes!

Each level has a time limit. Aim to complete the game before the timer expires. Every object board is distinct from the others and changes from one to the next, giving the game a unique feel for each level you play.


  • A lot of cute tile designs; unlimited play
  • Easy rules and addictive gameplay
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Challenging levels
  • Collect more stars and unlock additional goodies
  • Use two helpful boosters to help you pass levels.

Start by pressing the play button, then finish the first tutorial level, which teaches you how to join tiles into triples and lasts for 10 seconds. In order to solve the first puzzle, try connecting all sets of tiles.

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