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The only significant difference between Nerdle and Wordle is the substitution of numbers and equations for letters and words. You have to predict equations every day in the game's 8 columns of 6 guesses. You receive color-coded hints for your predictions, just like in Wordle, that you can utilize to determine the correct response.

How to play

It is a basic pastime that has become popular due to its ease of use. In order to complete the game of Weedle, which requires you to guess an NFL player within 8 tries, you must do so on your eighth try. Each player receives their own set of hints. Every day a new mystery player!

NERDLE in six tries to guess. The color of the cells will change after each guess to indicate how near you are to the right answer. Green bricks indicate the right quantity and placement. It's in solution but out of place if it's yellow. When a cell turns black, it indicates that it is not contained in the words.

Start off by taking a risk and creating a random equation from already existing symbols and numbers. The game gives you a colored response when you enter an equation correctly. A fictitious equation that violates the rules of mathematics cannot be entered. The mathematical arrangement of both numerical and symbolic data must be reasonable and entirely logical.
I should mention that Nerdle is made particularly for math nerds at this stage.


Every hunch is an analysis.
You can type = or 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.
There must be one "=" in it.
To the right of the "=", it can only have a number; no other calculations are permitted.
Calculate * and / before + and - according to the usual order of operations, for instance, 3+2*5=13 rather than 25!
If the desired response is 10+20=30, we will also accept 20+10=30 unless you disable "commutative replies" in the options.

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