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Daily new words are added to Wordle, a popular word puzzle that has swept the internet, for example, there's Phrasle. Rather than presenting you with a five-letter word each day, Phrasle presents you with a phrase that you must decipher by figuring out each letter one by one. This should be fun for anyone who enjoys word games and guessing games.

How to play

While completing the puzzle, your goal should be to find all of the correct letters and words. You've now been presented with the opportunity to play the phrase puzzle game and are given a total of six attempts.

Take your best shot at the Word Phrasle. All spaces and valid words are required in each guess. When you get close enough to the correct answer, the color of the tiles on the board will change to indicate how close you are.

Two misses are the result of vowel errors. It is determined by the number of distinct letters in a puzzle's solution that how many misses are allowed. Before your missed opportunities are all used up, reveal the sentence to win.

Every day, a new Phrasle will be released!

Mode game

The O is in the correct place in the first word.

To begin with, the letter T appears but it's in the wrong place.

The phrase contains the letter A, but the second word does not.

The phrase does not contain the letter N.

Regardless of whether you won or lost, copying and pasting your findings will allow you to share your findings with others without revealing any letters.

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