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Scratch & Guess Celebrities

Scratch & Guess Celebrities

It's entertaining to guess the names of famous people in the online game Scratch & Guess Celebrities. Try to identify the value of the cards by scratching them. Although you are free to scratch as much as you want, use the scratch gauge carefully. Join up right away for Scratch & Guess Celebrities!

How to play

A entertaining, interactive quiz game is created by the app Scratch & Guess Celebrities for players to identify the celebrity they are picturing. If any of the well-known bands, singers, or musicians have your attention. Everyone can learn everything they need to know about coding thanks to the sticker-style layout, which only requires dragging the pieces into the desired positions. We have given you a few hints that may enable you to identify which artists are represented by which hints. Users must answer a variety of questions to correctly identify a famous figure. These hints can be used to determine which celebrities have played Scratch Amp in the past or present. Your score will increase the more answers you provide.


  • There are more than 100 renowned celebrities to choose from.
  • Get money for each correctly predicted event.
  • Use coins at the store to purchase power-ups.
  • has the capacity to display photos, expose letters and erase letters.

Can you guess the celebrity?

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