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If you're already addicted to Wordle, Squareword game is a hot new trend right now. Daily word games have the same goal as Wordle, but a new form of play is available here. This is a really addictive game because you'll be presented with a new task every single day.

How to play

It's a simple game. Five letter words must be guessed in order to reveal the square of words. The square word wordle displays you how many times you've attempted to solve it. If you'd like, you may then post it on your social media accounts. In daily mode, you can only play once a day. In random mode, you can play as many times as you want.

Because of its simplicity and the limited number of attempts you have to complete the task, this puzzle has gone viral. Once a user has figured out the word, they will not be able to participate until the following day's word is revealed. The addicting nature of the challenge makes it a success from our point of view.

The Rules:

  • You have 15 chances to figure out the secret word.
  • A 5-letter word is required for each attempt.
  • For each attempt, the color of the letters changes to indicate how close you are to spelling out the word.
  • The 10 hidden words.
  • The square box contains a grid of horizontal and vertical words.
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