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Test your knowledge of the Grand Slam tennis champions of the Open Era in Teniz. If you are passionate about tennis, this is definitely an interesting game that shows your knowledge. Take the challenge and see how many correct predictions you can make.

How to play

Developed by tennis fans who were motivated to create the game after playing Wordle, In this game, the player's objective is to identify the Grand Slam victor. Some of these characteristics are the year in which the player won their first Grand Slam, the number of Grand Slams they have won, the player's nationality (they can represent more than one), their gender, the number of Grand Slam singles titles they have won, and their preferred playing hand. The game will tell you how closely the characteristics of the player you entered match those of the real-life individual after each guess. Color and symbols are used to denote answers.

  • Exactly a green, a Grand Slam match.
  • Blue: All Grand Slam championships have been won, as per your forecast, but the aforementioned player has won more.
  • If you're right about this player having won multiple Grand Slam titles, the bar will be yellow.
  • Red: Your predicted player does not have any Grand Slam titles in common with any other players.

The game's mode is a customizable option for players. You can always change to the game's easier difficulty setting. In this level, players are given more direct information as traits are unmasked after each incorrect guess. You can use Extra Hints during your last attempt on Easy Mode. The sum of your scores will define your tier. Achieve the Grand Slam level by scoring the most points.

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