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Fun and challenging all at once, Thirtle challenges players to solve 30 puzzles in as little time as possible. This is a modernized version of the age-old game of guess that word! This version of the game Wordle, which has gained popularity all over the world, is here to put your tolerance and language knowledge to the test.

How to play

Try to deduce a five-letter word using only the orange, yellow, and gray letters in Thirtle. These letters will serve as clues as to which ones make up the secret word:

  • The T appears to be in the correct location.
  • Someplace else in the word, you'll find the O and the A.
  • These alphabets do not correspond.
  • You have six tries to decipher each secret word before moving on.

Get the ball rolling with a word like "RADIO" that has lots of vowels and few repeating letters. To succeed, you must correctly spell 30 consecutive words. It's game over if you fail to get them all. Sharing your high score or completed puzzle is as simple as taking a picture after you've finished the game.

Get out there and see if you can break the record! Your clock will start ticking as soon as the first guess is made. Does success come any easier way?

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