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Weddle Game

Weedle is a more difficult version of Wordle in which you must correctly guess an NFL player eight times in a row. We'll walk you through how to play it and give you tips and tricks so you can get better at it.

How to play

It is a simple pastime that has gained popularity because of how simple it is to use. You must correctly predict an NFL player on your eighth try in order to win the game of Weedle, which has a time limit of eight tries. From a list of all probable players presented by the game, you must choose the player you feel to be the worst player right now. The hints that each player receives are unique. A fresh mystery player every day!

  • Find the NFL player in the fewest possible attempts.
  • Only active fantasy players like WRs, RBs, QBs, and TEs will be eligible to be the solution player.
  • The color of the tiles will change after each guess depending on how close to the player your guess was.
  • Any column that is green indicates a match.
  • The division column's color yellow denotes the correct conference but the incorrect division.

The player's true height, age, and weight measurements are within two inches, years, or numbers, according to the color yellow in the corresponding columns.

After finishing the day's game on Weedle, players are unable to begin a new one. We will demonstrate how to play infinite wedle if you keep reading.

Rules for Weedle

In the Weedle version of the game, your goal as a football mysterios player is to finish just eight NFL plays. It will provide you with hints and tips each time you create your player.

  • You have eight chances to guess; choose any NFL player that is currently playing!
  • A green column indicates that there is a match!
  • There is no match for any column with a crimson border, of course!
  • To make searching easier, nearly all of the players from the NFL database were added.

A fresh mystery player every day!

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