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Word Master

Word Master

If you are a fan of word games, with Word Master puzzles always updated to the latest. Try playing now with thousands of puzzles waiting for you to challenge.

How to play

Make words with the letters provided. Abbreviations, slang, and proper nouns are not permitted. To add a letter to the new word, click on the letter. To remove it from the word, click once more. To completely eliminate the word's letters, click the red button. By selecting the shuffle button, jumble the provided letters.

Each letter is represented by a small square below the shuffle button, and each group of letters is a word that needs to be discovered. These words are sorted alphabetically and classified by size. When you locate every word that is buried, the game is over.

The correct word can be guessed six times total. Any real word is one you can guess.

Each letter will change to green, yellow, or gray following each guess.

Correct letter and place are indicated by the color green.

incorrect location; correct letter; yellow

Gray=Incorrect letter


Try to make the words you have already created plural if you can;

Because the hidden words are categorized by size and listed alphabetically, you can locate an elusive word that is sandwiched between two already discovered words;

If you run into trouble, try using the shuffle button. You might be able to make a new word by combining the letters;

It won't be simple to uncover all the concealed words because they are all drawn from a North American word list that is utilized in popular word games.

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