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Alphabeticle 2

Alphabeticle 2

Alphabeticle 2 invites you to join an exciting journey of vocabulary discovery. Using the order of letters in the English alphabet, find the secret word. Have you memorized the entire order of the letters in the English alphabet? If you're confident, start testing your puzzle-solving ability now!

How to play

Alphabeticle 2 returns with a second version, complete with more challenges and more difficult puzzles. Your mission in this game is to find the five-letter secret word in the least number of tries. To help you win this game, rely on the order of the letters in the alphabet and start with common words.

For example, start with the word "LINK":

After pressing the Submit button, the game will make suggestions by moving the predicted words and changing their colors:

  • The letter L appears too early in the alphabet.
  • We move the letters I and N below the prediction box because they appear later in the alphabet.
  • The letters K and S are in the correct position in the secret word.

However, one difference with this game is that the color only reveals to you how close you are to losing. Keep in mind that if you push the prediction beyond the red area and the board, the game will terminate. Based on these suggestions, you can narrow down your prediction abilities and make secret word predictions as quickly as possible!

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