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Avoidle 2

Avoidle 2

Making accurate word guesses while avoiding a designated term in Avoidle 2. The game gives each participant a word to avoid, and their goal is to input as many words as possible until only the "avoid" word remains. Anything you want to use that isn't already in the term "avoid" is perfectly acceptable. You can use these unavoidable letters a maximum of three times when creating words.

How to play

The point value of a word in Avoidle 2 is determined by the individual letters that make up that word. Players try to rack up as many points as they can by deftly stringing letters together to create words. Every letter in the word is worth a certain amount of points; the more uncommon the letters, the higher the value. Anyone can use any letter that isn't in the word "avoid" in their game. They have the ability to use these letters three times in a word. The player is free to use any letter that appears in the "avoid" word as many times as they choose, but they are obligated to keep using that letter in the following words. A player is required to employ the same letter in each successive word if its position is identical to that of the "avoid" word. Every three words, players can access a suggestion as they advance through the game and input words. These suggestions can help gamers discover new words or make more informed decisions.

Tips and Tricks

  • Think Strategically About Word Formation: To Get the Most Points, You Should Strive to Form Longer Words Using High-Point Letters.
  • Earn More Points by Making Use of Rare Letters: Find letters that are less common and use them to your advantage. These letters usually have a higher value.
  • Carefully Utilize Avoided Letters: Before you start utilizing letters from the "avoid" word in your next words, make sure you can keep using them.
  • Position Matters: If a letter appears in the same spot in both the "avoid" term and your current word, then you should definitely utilize it in the same spot in words that follow.
  • Take Advantage of Hints: Every three words, you'll see a hint pop up. Find new words or inspiration for word construction with their help.

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