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Daily Sudoku

Daily Sudoku

Train your brain and IQ daily with Daily Sudoku. Daily Sudoku is a well-known brain game that enhances memory and intelligence through its challenging and engaging gameplay. To solve a 9x9 grid-shaped number table, players will have to reason logically. In Sudoku, allow your brain to explore its limits with numbers.

How to play

Sudoku has a 9x9 grid shape; each of the 9 small squares will form a 3x3 square; in turn, we have 9 square blocks forming a complete large square. The rules of the game are quite simple; your task is to fill in the numbers from 1 to 9 in the appropriate positions, following the predetermined rules. Each small square in the grid will belong to a row, a column, and a corresponding 3x3 block. Therefore, the number you fill in the blank cell must satisfy three requirements: it must be the only number in the row, the column, and that block. For example, if you enter the number 7 in an empty box, there will only be one 7 in the vertical row, similar to the column and the 3x3 square.

Game rules must ensure three elements:

  • Each horizontal row must have 9 digits (from 1 to 9); there is no need for them to be in exact order.
  • Each vertical row must have nine digits.
  • In each 3x3 square block (total of 9 blocks), there must also be 9 different numbers.
  • Although the game's rules are simple, not everyone can solve the puzzle easily. Therefore, let's learn about useful tips when trying this game.

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