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Test your vocabulary-guessing ability when you're in Deceptle. A variant game of Wordle gives players interesting gameplay. Use your vocabulary and logic to predict the mystery word in six tries. Join and see if you can be the winner of this new game.

How to play

The game requires you to guess the 5-letter word six times. After each guess, rely on the color and your logical analysis ability to make a prediction about the next word. Narrow down the possibilities of the words in your knowledge; they will be very useful to help you give the correct answer about the secret word.
See the example below:

  • If a letter appears green, it is only one letter away from your guess.
  • The yellow background indicates that the letter you guessed is at least two letters off.
  • If the correct letter is purple, it is at least two additional letters after your guess.

In addition, the game offers many different game modes, such as expansion mode, search, etc., with many different main colors and gameplay. You can change and select your favorite mode in the settings section in the left corner of the screen. The game provides detailed statistics, helping players analyze and evaluate their daily progress.

If you want to try more challenges with other interesting themes, you can try Animedle game. Make predictions about names related to the anime theme. Have fun!



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