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Fibble is a word game where you and a friend or two try to outdo each other by coming up with the most clever and unique words you can out of the supplied letters. This game is over when just one person has any leftover letters.

How to play

This wordle-like game is simple to pick up and play, but there are certain guidelines to follow.

  • In the case of correct letters, a green light will illuminate if they are in the right places.
  • A yellow light will indicate if they are in the wrong places.
  • A gray light will indicate if they do not appear at all in the word.

But there's always one falsehood in the row. There are falsehoods in the same areas for everyone.I wish you all the best!

Every day, you'll be faced with a new mystery to unravel in this game. This wordle-style game has no limits and simple, easy-to-follow rules.

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