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Fillominordle challenges your ability to think quickly and logically with numbers. Solve the Fillomino grid by filling in the numbers based on the rules provided by the game. If you are a lover of mathematical numbers, we think you will definitely like this game. Train your brain with a new puzzle every day. The game will provide puzzles of different levels to suit the abilities of players of different ages. Let's get started and see if you can solve these tricky puzzles.

How to play

The objective of "Fillominordle" is to correctly complete the Fillomino puzzle by placing numbers on the grid in accordance with the game's rules. There are three different-sized puzzles available in the game: 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5. Another variable that changes with grid size is the number of guesses that can be made: 5 for 3x3, 6 for 4x4, and 7 for 5x5. The players' predictions determine whatever numbers they insert into the grid's cells. The objective is to correctly determine which numbers adhere to Fillomino's rule:

There needs to be a number in every grid cell. Each area of the grid has its own set of cells with the same quantity. The number within each region indicates the number of cells that make up each zone. The cells in each area must be adjacent to one another, either horizontally or vertically. On a diagonal, no two areas can meet.

After each prediction, the game will give you color feedback to let you know how accurate the word is.

  • Green number: Prediction is in the correct position in Fillomino.
  • Red number: predicted to appear but is in the wrong position in Fillomino 
  • Gray number: Prediction does not appear in Fillomino and needs to be discarded.

Rely on color hints to make the right decision about the secret word. By applying the rules of Fillomino to the grid, players must use their logic and reasoning abilities to determine the precise positions of the numbers. Players must use critical thinking skills to check that each area complies with the rules, taking into account the comments given following each assumption.

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