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Lattice is a new word game that is a cross between Scrabble and Solitaire. In this game, players use all 12 tiles to create words that cross each other on the playing field. To move the alphabet around the board, just drag the letter. To indicate whether or not the letters are in the right place, they will alter colour. It's not easy to get the hang of the game at first, but we think you'll really enjoy it once you do.

How to play

Maximum point accumulation is the game's stated objective. Take advantage of all 12 tiles by making words that cut across the board. A 6x6 grid is used for gameplay, and each tile either represents a letter or a point value. Players can tap the tiles in any direction to create words, whether horizontally or vertically. To indicate whether or not the letters are in the right place, they will alter colour. If a player gets stuck, they can either clear the board of all the tiles they don't need or shuffle the ones they still have. The count of remaining moves is shown under the board. When all of the tiles have been used to make words, the game is over. You can play it once a day in "today's challenge" mode or as many times as you like in "infinite lattice" mode since it is a "daily game."


  • With variable-difficulty puzzles updated daily
  • A chance to mix up the rest of your tile drawer
  • Ability to employ a solution checker and hint system
  • The value of the tiles and the length of the words created serve as the basis for the score system
  • You can invite a friend to work on the current puzzle with you
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