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Letter Fit

Letter Fit

Play a fun game called Letter Fit to experience a different kind of entertainment! To make letters tumble to the ground, type them on the keyboard! The white vessel that is in front of you should be able to accommodate all the letters. It could appear extremely simple. After all, this vessel is quite large. However, it won't always be so simple to accommodate all the letters. Can you complete every stage and fill the vessel with all the letters?

How to play

The letters you need to drop into the vessel are displayed to you on a keypad in front of you. Either type the letters on your own keyboard or click them on the virtual keyboard displayed on the screen. In harder levels, you'll need to cram more than one letter into the container. To complete the level, put every letter into the container. The situation will thereafter get more challenging. Your main goal should be to avoid having a tall pile of letters when you need to put a lot of letters into the container. You will cross the red line on top of the vessel and fail the challenge if you can't distribute the letters in the vessel equally. As a result, you must be very cautious when choosing the order in which you pour the letters. There are a ton of thrilling, difficult levels waiting for you! Prepare your hands, plan your approach, and attempt to complete as many levels as you can in this addictive game!

Features include

  • Vibrant graphics.
  • Numerous levels to accomplish.
  • Entertaining and addictive levels.
  • Simple controls.

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