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Lettershot is a fun word guessing game that anybody with an internet connection may play for free. After making a guess, all you have to do is click the Check button to ensure that you have the correct answer. It's that simple, right? Get on Lettershot immediately to make sure you don't miss out on any upcoming opportunities.

How to play

In this game, players compete to be the first to correctly guess a secret word in the shortest period of time. To accomplish a challenge in Lettershot, simply point and click on the word you think should be used. Once you've decided on the right word, you may double-check it by clicking the "check" option. If a letter turns blue when you position it, it's correct; if it turns red, you need to try again. The players have 10 chances to guess correctly, so use the hints you're given!


  • Two-dimensional color illustrations.
  • Numerous dangers might arise.
  • The process has several challenging steps.
  • It's a fun and interesting way to kill time while playing a video game.

If you enjoy this game but want a greater challenge, try one of our other word games, such as CrosswordleLewdle. Have a good time!

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