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Pfeffel is an entertaining free game where players try to guess a string of words. Unlike the standard Wordle game, where players must simply guess any word, Pfeffel considerably increases the difficulty.

How to play

The objective is to properly guess phrases involving law. You must accurately guess a Pfeffel within 6 attempts to win. There needs to be at least five different letters in the search query. Have you assessed whether or not you are capable of completing the assignment? Now is the time to begin collaborating with Pfeffel.


  • Sharp and vibrant color palette.
  • Improving one's ability to identify geometric figures.
  • Minimal in terms of complexity.
  • Level 80.


Players take on challenges by moving around with the mouse and filling in the blanks with the keyboard in a set amount of time. After each guess, the color of the bar that represents the word changes to reflect the increasing difficulty of the word. The hidden word can be figured out by using the hints that have been supplied.

There are plenty of other games in our Word games collection that are very similar and will be loved by our customers. Last but not least, I hope this letter finds you well.

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