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Pixletters is a fun word-guessing game with colorful Pixle letters. Is a new variant of Wordle but gives players new gameplay. Start to see if you can guess the secret word correctly.

How to play

The gameplay is as simple as Wordle, but there are a few rules that you need to pay attention to. You will need to guess the 5-letter word in five tries. After each predicted word, the color of the Pixle letter will reveal many hints.

  • If the pixel is blue, then the letter you entered is correct.
  • The top row of pixels will be colored when an error is made in spelling a letter.
  • There must be a green pixel in the letter at this point.
  • The S Pixel is red; the corresponding letter must not have this pixel.
  • Colors will be applied to neighboring rows' pixels.
  • Grayscale images have not yet been characterized. Those pixels could be part of the letter at this place, but they might not be.
There are many game modes for players to choose from: Pracetise, Pack 1, Pack 2, and Pack 3.


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