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Wordle appears to have influenced Polygonle, a word puzzle game. A grid of polygons, each of which represents a letter, is shown to you in this game. To reveal the secret five-letter word, you must choose the polygons in the exact order.

How to play

To begin, you'll see a series of polygons, each the length of a word. When there are two polygons that are similar, they should display the same letter, and when there are two polygons that are different, different letters should be displayed. For a better chance at guessing each day's polygon, pay attention to the color cues provided. To estimate something, you can use the size, color, and location of polygons. Any given hints must be utilized in the succeeding guess.

Speculate any acceptable-length word. Tiles will reveal the hidden message if the letters you've entered are part of it. Exactly as many letters as there are polygons are buried in the cipher. Mark the coordinates of the points that make up separate polygons using unique letters. There are many modes of practice or guessing from slow to difficult for players to choose according to their ability in the settings.

Tips and Tricks

  • Can't think of a word to use? Click the "ideas" button on your keyboard.
  • To help you visualize words without filling every letter, Polygonle provides a character cursor. Simply fill in a tile with a click and move the mouse with the spacebar or the arrow keys to avoid typing.
  • For all matching squares, hold [shift] or activate multi cursor from the options menu.


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