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QWERTLE invites you to join a brand new word-guessing challenge. Use color hints to solve the hidden secret word after six tries. Games are a great place to help you practice your logical reasoning and problem-solving skills as you try to find the answer. The game's highlight is the pixel color code strip, which helps you reason more accurately. Can you find the secret word? Have fun!

How to play

Get ready for this challenging vocabulary challenge. Players will receive a 5x6 grid. Your task is to identify the five-letter secret word in up to six tries. Each prediction is a valid word. The game responds to each answer by displaying the color of the crossword. In this game, players will see a Pixel color column next to the board. Look at the color code to determine how close each letter is to each other on the QWERTY keyboard. This helps you narrow down the possibilities and find the secret word more accurately.

  • The first letter in the answer is S.
  • The second letter is nowhere near Q.
  • The third letter is very close to the letter U.
  • The fourth letter is in the middle of the keyboard.

Every day, a new word is updated. Every day, visit QWERTLE to exercise your brain and expand your vocabulary!

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