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When it comes to word games, Raganam is a refreshingly original option. In instead of simply having participants fill in any word, this offers something novel and exciting. Instead of having players fill in any word and then receiving color suggestions to reveal the secret word. This game tries something new and exciting. Is everything all set? Get right into the heart of Raganam.

How to play

To win, you'll need to correctly guess the eight-character code word within six tries. Following your guess, you'll be given color clues to assist you deduce the hidden word. Green is there, and it's in the right spot. The color yellow is present in the word, however it is incorrectly placed. Furthermore, the color Gray does not show anywhere in the text. Even though the hidden word's location has changed, you still need to uncover it. Make use of the information at your disposal to get closer to the answer.


  • The game's level count is in the hundreds.
  • Simple, straightforward layouts.
  • Interactive and entertaining gameplay.
  • Intense imagery.


Players contribute to the execution and completion of the assignment by navigating and filling in the blanks with the mouse in the quickest time possible. Wishing you the best of luck!

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