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A great time may be had by all with the online game Reactle, which involves guessing the meaning of random words. You have no more than six tries to use color hints to predict a five-letter word. The game resets every 24 hours with a new target phrase, and it maintains score of how many times you've beaten it.

How to play Reactle

Whether you're familiar with Wordle or not, the next step is simple: just come up with a term that's five letters long. After making a correct guess, the letters in the word you guessed may be highlighted in yellow or green. If the letter is yellow, it means it belongs to the word in that part of the sentence but is in the wrong place. If the letter is in the green, it belongs in the correct location. If the box around a letter didn't turn the appropriate color, it wasn't included in the word.

You can play Reactle in a variety of ways. Using a string of vowels at the beginning of a word is a typical technique. One more example is beginning a word with a string of consonants. In case you are unable to guess the correct word within six tries, the solution will be revealed as soon as the game is finished. Whether or not you solve one, a new Reactle puzzle will be unlocked the following day, just like Wordle. Enjoy yourselves!

Key Feature

  • Very lifelike 2D graphics are used.
  • With a wide variety of challenging options.
  • A wide selection of engaging in-game rewards.


It's a race against the clock as the player uses the keyboard and mouse to guess words. You will get the right answer after making 6 guesses. Color changes indicate progress toward the correct answer. If you want to be successful, pay attention to the hint.

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