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The popular word game Wordle serves as the inspiration for the game Reversle Wordle. The last five letters of the answer will be colored in, and it is up to you to use those clues to figure out the rest of the answer.

How to play Reversle

This wordle-style game is simple to pick up and play, but there are a few guidelines to follow. Both the word to use and the wordle pattern to use are provided. The objective is to fill in the blanks as rapidly as possible. The initial challenge in Reversle is a five-by-five grid, with the solution being a five-letter word. The solution is already printed on all of the green tiles in the fifth row; therefore, the players must guess the other words that fit inside the fixed yellow, green, and grey tiles. Another major change is that you now have a limited amount of time to guess the remaining four incorrect words. Only one round of our daily game may be played each day, so please feel free to share the results of our word solving with your friends.

The right letter "E" appears in the middle of "green," where it belongs.

The letter "Y" is in the word "yellow," but it is in the wrong place.

The word "grey" lacks a letter.

Tips and Tricks

When you apply the principles of Wordle to Reversle, you can figure out how to make educated guesses. For example, you can't use a letter from a column that's tinted gray or that's just above a column that's shaded yellow in the answer word. Similarly, if a green tile with the label "fixed green" occurs in the guess rows, the corresponding letters must be written in those spaces for the input to be legitimate. The fact that letters might occur at any point during a game of Reversle does not dramatically impact how you play the game. Have a good time!

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