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For lovers of Wordle, Revertle is a fun new word game. Every day, you are given a hidden word. The keyboard's letters are highlighted in red. You have five chances. To reveal the secret word, click to inspect the color. Let's get right to playing. Join Revertle immediately to avoid missing out on these fantastic chances.

How to play

Everyone's mission in this game is to figure out the code as soon as possible. Each day you will be given a Hidden Word, the letters of which will appear in Red on your keyboard. When a jigsaw letter is part of a real, unique word, it changes colour from red to yellow to green. The colour of a letter will change depending on its context, but it will revert to red if it is used exactly as it appears in the Hidden Word. In order to win, you need to make all of the Puzzle Letters on the keyboard green. You get 5 chances. Have fun!


  • Win prizes often and receive daily bonuses.
  • vivid, 2D visuals.
  • Different levels of difficulty exist.
  • It's a lot of fun and exciting to play the game.


By clicking and dragging the mouse to select the relevant words from a list, players finish the assignment. Each Jigsaw Letter will thus occur just once in distinct words, rather than repeating, from Red to Yellow to Green.

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