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ScrabWordle is identical to any other Wordle clone, as you can still only guess a 5-letter word. As you make guesses, colored boxes will appear to indicate whether or not the letter you entered is in the correct location within the word. Green if the letter is in the correct position within the word. Orange if the letter is correct but in the wrong location within the word, and black if the letter is correct but not in the word.

How to play

The goal is to type in the correct solution while also making sure that your word's score is equal to or greater than the Puzzle word score displayed at the game's top. In order to enter text, either use the keyboard to select the necessary keys or click on the letters below the board. Your word score will be displayed to the right of your guesses. Matching this score with the Puzzle word score shown at the top of the board is both your goal and your only clue.

The letters will be colored green if they are in the right place, orange if they are in the wrong one, and black if they don't appear at all in the word. If you get it wrong, try again with the previous word as a hint. Then you can publish your findings or issue a game challenge to your friends and family. Enjoin!


  • High-quality, lifelike 3D graphics.
  • Many levels must be mastered.
  • It has an easy-to-understand layout.
  • Exciting and entertaining game play.
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