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Septle is a fun and simple online word guessing game. In this game, you get eight tries to figure out the code. It's easy to see why a lot of people find it fascinating. Septle should be downloaded immediately in order to avoid missing out on these wonderful chances.

How to play 

The principles are really fundamental. After eight tries, you'll need to guess the seven-letter secret word. Type a random word on the first line to get started. If you successfully guessed and placed the letter, it will be highlighted in green. If it's in the wrong place, a yellow highlighting will alert you to the error. If it's not in the definition, it will be shown in gray.

Septle is an anagram of Wordle, however with seven letters rather than four. The Septle has eight possible solutions. Each guess needs to be a valid 7-letter word. The closer you get to the correct answer, the more the letters in the word will change color after each attempt. To send, use the "Enter" button.

After a player finishes their game for the day, they are free to go on to another game. When you're done with your daily Septle, simply go back and tap or click the button that says free Septle. Can you guess the 7-letter hidden word in 8 tries?

Key Features

The three-dimensional versions.

You can do a wide variety of activities.

The game was a lot of fun to participate in as a player.


If you try to decode the seven-letter word eight times, you will eventually get it right. The crossword's background color will change if you enter a valid term.

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