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Smixed is a fun word game that offers players of all different ability levels a wide array of tough challenges to work through. The objective of this game is for participants to figure out what the secret word is by only making use of the letters that they have been given. Mixed-up word guessing games are only one of the options available in our Word category that you might like playing. to your success!

How to play Smixed

This online game is a little different from Wordle in that you have to solve a mystery task; nonetheless, if you enjoy taking quizzes or playing games where you have to figure things out, we think you will enjoy playing this game! It will take you six tries to guess the word. Each guess needs to be a term that contains exactly five letters. Following each guess, the color of the tiles will adjust to reflect how close they were to the actual word. Each day, a different word will become accessible for use! You are welcome to share your findings as well as a request for us to evaluate an online word game that we do not already have on our list of games similar to Wordle.


  • When choosing your words, don't be afraid to get creative and use your imagination.
  • An engaging and instructive examination of one's English language skills.
  • The addition of a time limit to a competition raises both the stakes and the stress.
  • The level of difficulty has increased, which has resulted in the game being more difficult.


The objective of Smixed is for participants to finish the job by providing the missing words in the manner specified. Any term that is submitted will invariably begin with a letter that is considered to be genuine. There will be a separate time restriction for each round. Make good use of the in-game assistance system!

If you enjoy this game and are seeking for something more difficult to do with your time, try one of our word games like joined Words. Have fun!

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