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Termy is a fun and accessible online word guessing game that can be played by anybody. All players are given six opportunities to correctly guess the word. Each guess must be a valid word under the constraints of the game. Participating alongside others amplifies the fun.

How to play

If you're looking for a free, lighthearted game to play online, give Termy a shot. There are six guesses at the word for each participant. Each potential answer must be a term that follows the guidelines. You must use a term that meets the requirements for each guess. After making a guess, the tiles' hues will shift to reflect how close you came to the correct answer. Try to solve it by using the clues provided. After the player clicks on the letters with the mouse, he or she has six guesses to make before learning the final word in the phrase. It takes no more than six guesses to determine the code phrase. Each password attempt needs to be a minimum of 5 letters long. Each time you enter a guess, the letters' color will change to reflect how close you are to the actual word. Yellow and too far up the alphabet, this letter doesn't belong. Because it's so far down the alphabet, that letter can't possibly be blue.


  • 2D animations with bright, eye-catching colors.
  • An intuitive UI that's simple to operate.
  • Challenges come in a variety of forms.
  • Exciting and enjoyable gaming.

Word guessing games on Termy's competitors Sedecordle and Crosswordle are equally as entertaining. When done with others, the enjoyment increases exponentially.

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