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Trekle is a well-known word game that demands quick thinking and attentiveness. Additionally, it assists with spelling and vocabulary development. In this game, which resembles a hybrid between Hangman and Scrabble, players construct words using the given tiles.

How to play

The basic objective is to get all five words in six attempts or less, but the less attempts, the better. Similar to Wordle, the color of the tiles changes after each guess to indicate how close your guess was to the actual word: green tiles denote correctly positioned letters; orange tiles denote letters present in the word but in a different location; and gray tiles denote letters absent from the word.

Trekle is a Wordle variation made specifically for "Star Trek" aficionados. The mystery word of the day gets harder every day starting on Sunday, according to the game's website. Since many of the words are only used in the movies, this game can be more difficult if you aren't a fan of the movies.


  • Earlier in the week, common phrases can be discovered.
  • The name D'vana is spelt as "DVANA" since there are no apostrophes.
  • The KLI method is used to spell words in Klingon.

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