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The word-guessing game Weredle is fun for people of all ages and backgrounds, and it's available for free on the web. Each player has six tries to deduce the hidden word. When a player makes a guess, the tiles change color to reflect how close they are to the correct word. Do yourself a favor and join Weredle immediately if you value opportunities.

How to play

To help you out, we're giving you a whopping six tries to guess the word. Following each guess, the player's tiles will change color to reflect how close they are to guessing the correct word. It's possible that the werewolf tile will always give you the wrong answer, but it also could not. When you've guessed the first letter, click on a tile to find out if it's a werewolf. When you find the werewolf, the keyboard will reveal the truth about the phony tile you suspected. The previous dummy tile has a red border, and there will be no more. I wish you a wonderful time.


  • Embrace rich 3D visuals.
  • You can go through an infinite number of levels using only your innate abilities.
  • Effortless navigation, customizable settings, and a rewarding challenge for gamers
  • A compulsion to play video games.


You and your friends may give it a try by taking turns clicking on the guessable word with your mouse.

If you like this and are searching for similar but more difficult word games, try out some of our other options, such as WarmlePictle. Take it easy and enjoy yourself.

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