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Fun times can be had by solving the cryptic clues in Word500. Similar to Wordle, it highlights good, terrible, and incorrectly placed letters in a sentence. In which the number of accurate letters is revealed, but not the individual letters themselves. Each day, a new secret word is unveiled across all languages and difficulty levels. Enjoy Word500 in a wide range of tongues and complexities!

How to play

You have eight chances to guess the hidden five-letter word. Using clues that give you the total number of correct letters but not the specific ones. You can see how close you were to guessing the hidden word by looking at the green, yellow, and red tiles on the right after each guess. Like Wordle, it helps you see where your writing could want improvement by pointing out problem areas.


  • Combat that's so challenging it's almost impossible.
  • Capable of being disarmed arms.
  • Identity Alteration.
  • Get every medal there is to get.

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